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Many people have thought about ‘living the dream’ in Australia. After all what’s not to like. Beautiful weather, mostly. Fantastic beaches, there are plenty to choose from.

A major attraction is the ‘work to live, not live to work’ attitude of workers and in most cases, the bosses, and a social-based culture with plenty of top-quality restaurants, venues, and activities, to meet with friends new and old.

If you are the outdoors type there is plenty of outdoors to be outdoorsy in.   Australia is the 6th largest country by land area at close to 3,000,000 square miles. With a lot of space for those currently living there, and new arrivals.

In 2019, before the pandemic, during which time the Australian borders were closed to all but residents, 9,500,000 visited Australia. 700,000 visitors arrived from the UK.

The reopening of the borders will not necessarily see visitor numbers quickly reaching the same level as before, due to the reluctance of many to travel on a plane with the potential risk of sitting near Covid-19 carriers.

Leaving the fear of catching covid (FOCC) to one side, Australia has been and will continue to be a country of opportunity, maybe it can be for you too.

This blog – 11 things to know before you work or travel in Australia, is a mix of items aimed at making you aware of something that you may not have considered.

Obviously, there are a lot more than 11 things to know about Australia, but we will post more at another time. Some of the items you probably already know but it is worth repeating.

1) How Big Is Australia?

As we mentioned earlier Australia covers about 3,000,000 square miles of land.

How many football pitches is that? Forget that, it would be a figure so large it would not really be helpful. Let’s look at the statistics.

Distance West to East from Perth to Melbourne:

  • Flying 1690 miles, it will take about 3.5 hours   
  • By car 2125 miles, It will take about 31 hours
  • Perth to Sydney 2445 miles

Distance South to North from Adelaide to Darwin:

  • Flying 1628 miles will take about 4 hours
  • By car 1883 miles it will take about 27 hours

Should you choose the tourist holiday trip, between Adelaide and Darwin, you can spread it over 12 days and take in the sights.

If you really want to know how many football (Soccer) pitches will fit in Australia, it is estimated to be 1,088,230,298.

2) What Is The Weather Like In Australia.

There is no getting away from it, Australia has some great weather with some pretty high temperatures. Below is a chart showing average temperatures and rainfall for the major cities.

Weather info in different regions:

  • Sydney  –  Weather Max 26.4 and Min 8.1. Rainfall is between 61-120 mm
  • Melbourne – Weather Max 25.9 and Min. Rainfall is between 48-81 mm
  • Brisbane – Weather Max 29.1 and Min 9.5. Rainfall is between 71-172 mm
  • Perth – Weather Max 31.9 and Min 8. Rainfall is between 9-162 mm
  • Adelaide – Weather Max 28.5 and Min 8. Rainfall is between 20-68 mm
  • Canberra  – Weather Max 28 and Min 0.1. Rainfall is between 40-64 mm
  • Darwin – Weather Max 32.6 and Min 19.3. Rainfall is between 1-426 mm
  • Hobart – Weather Max 21.6 and Min 4.6. Rainfall is between 40 – 62 mm

The record highest temperature in Australia is 123.3 F (50.7 C) on 13th January 2022, at Onslow Western Australia. You might be interested to know the previous time this temperature was reached was 2nd January 1960 at Oodnadatta, South Australia.

You will find long periods of sunshine and warm temperatures across the continent. The longest continuous spell of temperatures above 37.8C / 100F was 160 days at Marble Bar, Western Australia, between 31st October 1923 to 7th April 2024

As you can see from the chart above it does rain, and it does occasionally snow! It is said that Melbourne can see four seasons in one day.

3) Is There Much Humidity In Australia?

Something you might not be aware of, the closer you get to the tropics, the more humidity you will face.

Adelaide has a more Mediterranean climate whereas Far North Queensland is tropical meaning unless you are already conditioned to heat and humidity you may find it very draining. Something to consider if your work is manual unless you plan to lounge around a pool.

The flip side of that is the amazing landscape, rainforest, plants, birds, and animals in Queensland.

4) Are There Many Poisonous Animals In Australia?

YES….. it might seem that almost every living thing in Australia is out to get you. In most cases, the chance of crossing paths with a lethal snake is quite low.

They are as scared of you as you are of them. They will bite if they feel threatened and unable to escape. The last person to suffer a lethal snake bite was in 2018. The general rule is don’t go looking for them.

Here is a list of the top 10 poisonous creatures.

1. Inland Taipan

2. Geographer Cone Snail

3. Box Jellyfish

4. Eastern Brown Snake

5. Yellow-bellied Sea Snake

6. Coastal Taipan

7. Common Tiger Snake

8. Funnel Web Spider

9. Hook Nosed Sea Snake

10. Blue Ringed Octopus

5)  Are There Really Camels In Australia?

Although when thinking about Australian animals, most people think of Kangaroos and Koalas, well you might want to add Camels to that list.

It has been estimated there are more Camels in Australia than in Egypt, at around 700,000.

Originally imported to Australia to be used transporting goods and equipment, They became redundant when trucks were invented. They were released to the wild and bred a lot.

Camels, are a bit of a nuisance, drinking a vast amount of water, in a country that is one of the driest places in the World.

Not only do they drink a lot, but they also are not selective about where they drink, which causes damage to farms and water holes. They have been known to drink dry the waterholes of the indigenous people.

Australia visa application

6)  Do I Need A Visa To Visit Australia?

For anyone who has any doubt as to the answer to this question should watch the TV program Border Force.

This program features the day-to-day activity of the border security officers and the many ways people try to enter Australia without a valid passport.

For example arriving in Australia with a tourist visa and a suitcase full of work clothes, tools, and references from previous employers.

Be aware the border guards have seen it all. They know all the tricks and are diligent in their work.

Having travelled for many hours to get to Australia, you really do not want to be sent back home. It could also carry a ban for several years before you can return to Australia.

One other thing to say about airport arrivals. If a really cute-looking Beagle sits at your feet looking up, you might have a problem. The dog is sniffing out contraband.

Now we have confirmed you must have a visa to enter Australia, we recommend you visit Registered Migration Agent – Copson Migration Partner (MARN 1575606) for more information

7) Where Is The Best Place To Live In Australia?

There is no one answer to this question. The answer depends on what you are looking for and where you can afford to live.

If you are looking for somewhere which has a low cost of living compared to the rest of Australia, your choice might be Adelaide, in South Australia.

In 2021 Adelaide was voted the most liveable city in Australia and third overall in the world.

With a Mediterranean climate, miles of sandy beaches, a wide range of retailers, restaurants, and places of entertainment including a casino, horse racing track, cricket grounds, a well-ranked soccer team, and two top Aussie rules teams.

Work and employment opportunities are plentiful ranging from hospitality to submarine building it has it all. Whilst on the subject of work…..

Car mechanic is working on a car

8) How Do I Find A Job In Australia?

If you have made the decision to migrate to Australia, you will find companies that welcome you with open arms, if you have a permanent resident visa. That’s the hurdle to clear. Another option is to find an employer to support, also known as a sponsor, your visa application.

The 482 visa allows you and your immediate family to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years after which you may apply for a permanent resident visa. To keep it simple, speak to those who know and can help you. There is a link to a visa agent in section 6 of this blog

Australian leading recruitment agency such as Southern Cross Personnel, based in Adelaide, has 16 years of experience in placing overseas skilled migrants into full-time employment. Visit their jobs board to get an idea of the jobs they are looking to fill.

9) How Can I Find Out More About Places To Live In Australia?

Choose just about any place in Australia and you will find a Facebook page. Register for one and speak to the locals. Australians are known to speak their mind so for the low down and highlights of a place sign up now. (there are probably other social media sites available)

10) Should I Ship All My Furniture To Australia?

There is a simple rule of thumb. Shipping containers have risen steeply in price since lockdown. A home survey by a reputable international removals company will soon show you how much it will cost you to ship everything.

Request the price for a 20-foot container from your home to the end destination in Australia

When the cost is established just think of how much you could buy after arriving in Australia, with the money.

You could still ship out smaller items as Groupage, sharing a container with others. It is a lower-cost way of shipping. It takes longer to arrive, so you might not put the kettle in this container!

11)  Does Australia Have A National Health Service?

Australia has some of the best medical services in the world. But it comes at a price. It is quite normal for Australians to take out health insurance. Policies can be tailored, meaning you can choose a plan to suit yourself.

Should you be arriving in Australia for a holiday, some countries have a reciprocal arrangement between the two health services. Even so, you should still buy holiday insurance.

If you are arriving to take up employment, holiday insurance does not cover your medical cost. Seek out sufficient cover before you arrive in Australia.

Moving to a new country is big and some would say a brave thing to do. Every Australian resident, who left their home country for a new life in Australia fully understands what you will or have gone through to get there. You could say there is a personal bond.

You will discover that if you smile at your new neighbours, they will smile back and this starts your new ‘family’ group.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at Tel: +61 (0) 8 8155 6025 or use our contact form, our team is here to help you.

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